We are a small property video creation company. Our low cost, no hassle service provides a unique solution to sellers and real estate agents in the US, UK, Canada and Australia who want to utilize the powerful marketing advantages and benefits obtained from using a property video to promote and sell the best features of their property.


We can make an amazing property video from your photos by adding animations, a voiceover description and text and banner overlays.

See our prices for a 1 minute, 1 1/2 minute or 2 minute video and watch any of the 12 property video examples on this page to see how your marketing efforts could improve and benefit from using one of our engaging and all-inclusive sales presentation videos.

Work smarter and get to "SOLD" faster!

The top 10 reasons why sellers and agents should use a property video

1. A property video easily outperforms using photos and text marketing because it is a 1-Click "all-inclusive show and tell" sales presentation

2. A property video makes it easier for potential buyers to make informed buying decisions

3. A property video will attract more online views and make your property stand out

4. Many potential buyers automatically look at listed properties that have a property video first

5. A property video will attract the attention of more "ready to buy now" buyers

6. A property video will help to sell your property faster and for the best price

7. Real estate agents using property videos stand-out as the premier agents using the best marketing tools

8. Premier stand-out real estate agents who can show potential sellers that they have the best marketing tools to market a property get more listing referrals

9. More referrals means more listings leading to more sales, increasing a real estate agents market share

10. Simply put, using a real estate property video helps sellers and agents to work smarter and faster towards getting a property SOLD!

Maximum benefits for a minimal cost!

When we make a real estate property video, it is skillfully designed as an 'all-inclusive' sales video presentation of the property with one main purpose, to present your property in a way that motivates potential buyers to come and see it in person, with a view to buying or renting it. That's what a property video should do - sell the property!

Our no hassle, fast turnaround and low cost property video service creates a unique style of property video that will give you even more benefits than high end video production at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time because they are created without the need for expensive film crews or time consuming site visits.

Save time and save money!

Don't waste your money filming the same content that you already have in the photos when for a lot less you could add real value and strength to your marketing efforts from using any one of our three styles of '1-Click, All-inclusive, Show and Tell' property SALES videos.

How It Works               What's Included 

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Property Video Example #1

2 Minute video with a male voiceover.

Property Video Example #2

2 Minute video with a female voiceover.

Property Video Marketing Benefit #1

A '1-Click Show and Tell' property sales video is a more engaging and informative style of presentation compared to using still photos and text. 
A property video will better emphasize and show off the best features of your property whilst motivating potential buyers to take action and come and see it.

Property Video Marketing Benefit #2

Attract the hot 'ready to buy' buyers who prefer looking at listings with a video because a video presents a complete visual and narrative description of what the property has to offer making it easier for them to make better informed decisions from their online searches when selecting which properties they want to go and see in person.

Property Video Example #3

60 Seconds video with a male voiceover.

Property Video Example #4

60 Seconds video with a female voiceover.

Listing your property online, on a well known real estate sales website, doesn't guarantee buyers are going to view your listing and from there come to take a look in person. Getting buyers to come and see it is the key to successful property sales and that's where we can be a big help.

Our engaging and 'all-inclusive' style of creating a property sales video can give you a competitive advantage in getting buyers to come and see your property in person. That's what boosts your chances of obtaining a sale.

Property Video Example #5

2 Minute 30 seconds video with a male voiceover.

Property Video Example #6

60 Seconds video with a female voiceover.

Property Video Marketing Benefit #3

Click here to see an example of a video link inside an email message. These types of email presentations are an extremely powerful way of getting potential buyers to view your property. Just insert a line or two of enticing text and an image of your video with a direct link to your 'All-inclusive, 1-Click, Show and Tell Property Video' and put the irresistible, magnetic power of the 'play video icon' to work. It works!

Property Video Marketing Benefit #4

 Click here to see an example SMS message. SMS messages have the best open rate and fastest delivery.
Work smarter and faster and start sending an instant message to everyone in your contact list with an image or text link to your 'All-inclusive, 1-Click, Show and Tell Property Video' and put the irresistible, magnetic power of the 'play video icon' to work. It works!

Property Video Example #7

1 Minute 30 seconds video with a female voiceover.

Property Video Example #8

2 Minute video with a male voiceover.

You only get one chance to create a great first impression. Our property video service will create a property sales video that makes a great impression first time and every time, especially at the critical 'New Listing' stage of the selling process when a property will attract the most amount of attention and it needs to stand out, be viewed, and impress the hot 'ready to buy' buyers in the market who haven't yet found 'the one' but are ready to take action when they do.

Property Video Example #9

60 Seconds video with a male voiceover.

Property Video Example #10

2 Minute video with a female voiceover.

Property Video Marketing Benefit #5

Amplify your marketing efforts by promoting your '1-Click Show and Tell' property video on social media using Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to get even bigger exposure to a wider audience.
We all know that people love watching and sharing videos!

Property Video Marketing Benefit #6

Benefit #1 and benefit #2 combined reduces the potential need for price reductions if the property sits on the market not sold. The benefits of a skillfully created property video can have a significantly positive impact on your marketing efforts increasing your chances of selling your property faster and for the best price.

Property Video Example #11

60 Seconds video with a male voiceover.

Property Video Example #12

1 Minute 30 seconds video with a female voiceover.

An informative well produced property SALES video with a voiceover and text and banner overlays, connects with buyers in a way that still photos and text can't. It is an attention grabbing lead machine and appointment magnet, a TV style ad that potential buyers can view online anytime, day and night 24/7.

If you're not going to use a property video, what will you use to better present your property and make it stand out from your competition?

Our simple 4 step process

3d magician pulls out a rabbit from a hat. Isolated on white background

Here's how we make the magic happen for you

All we need from you are the property photos and a basic description.

Our turnaround time is so efficient, if you place your order today, you could have your dynamic, appointment generating, property sales video online and start booking inspections with buyer prospects in just a couple of days from now!

Work smarter, and faster, not harder!

Step 1. Place Your Order

From the pricing options below, click on the country of your preferred currency (payments can be made using a credit card, PayPal or direct deposit in US $, UK £, Canadian $ or Australian $) to go to the order page. From there select and order the length of video you want. Immediately after placing your order you will be able to download a 'Design Style' form to email to our production department.

Step 2. A 1-on-1 Consultation

After one of our property video creators reviews your requirements, as per your design style form, we arrange a one-on-one phone call with you to go over your needs and wants. We will request access to your photos, property description and anything else you have that you feel would be useful to us in creating the best lead generating sales video for your property.

Step 3. Your Proof Video

The excitement begins. Your created property video has been created with all of the 'bells and whistles' included. From there it is uploaded for you to review and approve or request minor changes which are normally minimal as we are very thorough in obtaining a clear understanding of your requirements in Step 2. You will be able to see exactly what your prospective buyers will see first hand.

Step 4. Start Promoting

It's SHOWTIME! Your approved video is uploaded to an online location of your choice (YouTube or other). You can link your marketing promotions to it and immediately start the sales process. We suggest sending links via email and SMS to draw prospective buyers to your '1-Click Show-and-Tell' property sales video to start generating online views leading to in-person showings!

In today's hi-tech world, the best way of marketing for success in real estate sales is using the magnetic power of an engaging and informative '1-Click Show and Tell' property sales video.

Prices and How To Order

The only difference in our prices is based on the length of the produced video. We have three standard time lengths available for you to choose from. ♦ Bronze is a 60 seconds (1 minute) video presentation ♦ Silver is a 90 seconds ( 1 1/2 minutes) video presentation and ♦ Gold which is a 120 seconds (2 minutes) presentation video.

If you require a video longer than two minutes, just let us know.

For pricing options or to place an order, click on the green button below for the country of your preferred currency.

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Questions? Need help?
Send an email or call us.

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Please send us an email if you have any questions by clicking on the link below:



Call the number below to speak with a member of our customer service team:

(+61) 0405 311 181

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You can't sell a property if you don't talk to people about it. Why wait for potential buyers to call you or come to an open home when you could be talking to them right from the start when they are searching online?

How great would it be, if someone spoke to every person who looked at your property online, telling them about all of the great features it has to offer, encouraging them to come and see it?

Our way of creating a property video does that for you and so much more!

Work smarter, and faster, not harder!

Start talking to your potential buyers ASAP!

Including a voiceover description in our property videos is super easy. We can do it for you, or we can show you how to record your own and we will edit it into your video.

The video above will show you three back to back direct comparisons of what a buyer would experience watching a property video with a voiceover and then without a voiceover. Take a look and decide which you think would be the best way to sell your property.

We believe voiceover descriptions are essential from a sales point of view because they are a natural and perfect way of building interest and telling your buyer prospects everything you want them to know about your property while they are watching the video.

If you prefer not to use a voiceover description we can make a video for you without one.

Think about this, with just '1-Click' of the mouse, a property sales video will engage with potential buyers in ways that ordinary still photos and text can't. A well constructed property SALES video presents them with a real-life, walk-through presentation complete with main feature highlights and call-to-action prompts.

A voiceover description is that second half of what makes an engaging sales video a 'Show and TELL' presentation.

The voiceover gives buyers information that both compliments and reinforces what they are watching creating a powerful 'Look - Listen - and Learn' sales video. That's why we include a voiceover description as a standard component in all of our property sales videos.

Work smarter and faster, not harder!

The most comprehensive marketing tool you can use to sell any kind of real estate is A PROFESSIONALLY MADE SALES VIDEO!

It's never been easier or more affordable!

All we need from you are the property photos and a basic description.





You can choose to include or not include as many features as you desire.

We know what works. We know how to quickly get a potential buyer's attention and from there how to keep it going throughout your presentation, skilfully building their enthusiasm, creating desire, and motivating them to make contact with you to come and view your property.

That's why we make sure nothing is left out and everything is included when we create our property sales videos, including a voiceover description and text and banner overlays.

Animated photos for better engagement

Animated moving photos of the property, the neighborhood and amenities in the wider area, providing potential buyers with the necessary information they need and want.

Animated attention grabbing opening

A dynamic, animated, attention grabbing introduction that makes the buyer 'sit up and take notice' whilst capturing their curiosity to continue watching and find out more.

A narrative style voiceover description

The voiceover description gives buyers information that compliments and reinforces what they are watching creating a truly powerful 'Look - Listen - and Learn' property SALES video.

Main features text & banner overlays

Text and banner overlays are a great way to draw the viewers attention to what they are seeing on the screen or to add additional information. You can add a second language if desired.

Viewer 'CTA' take the next step prompts

Spoken and written 'Call To Action' prompts, enticing and motivating the viewers to take the next step and make an appointment to come and view the property in person.

Professional quality background music

Carefully selected professional background music sets the tone and style of the presentation from dramatic and forceful to upbeat or mellow - whichever you prefer.

Animated 'smooth' scene transitions

Professional scene transitions to keep viewers watching and following along, as the presentation of all that the property has to offer continues.

A property location map if required

A location map embraces an 'all inclusive' approach to providing buyer prospects with all of the information most likely to be important to them.

Animated attention grabbing ending 'CTA'

An attention grabbing and strong call to action motivating the viewer to take the next step by providing them with the best way to book a viewing.

If you would like to see statistics for online marketing using video and learn about the essential elements of a successful, attention grabbing, lead generating, real estate sales video, watch the videos below.

Online statistics for video marketing show that video has clearly become the format the majority of buyers prefer when considering a purchase.

Research analysis from the experts has also identified the essential ingredients of a successful marketing video in order to captivate and keep a viewers attention. These essential ingredients have been shown to increase the likelihood of a viewer watching the whole video which increases the prospect of them taking the next step forward in the buying process.

The recommended methods contained within this research form the foundation of how we structure and create our unique property sales videos to ensure we are providing our customers with the very best in online video design, marketing strategies and techniques.

Online video marketing statistics

Essential elements for online sales videos

Questions and Answers

Click or tap on any question or the small "+" icon to open each of the answers.

In 90% of cases, we can adjust the quality during the creation and rendering process. Even mobile phones these days can take very good quality photos.

However if your photos are of a very poor quality, we will tell you and recommend some easy solutions so as to ensure you obtain the best possible outcome which, from our point of view, is never anything less than a stunning presentation of the property.

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